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bar1We all know that no two hospitals handle materials management in exactly the same manner and we all know that each hospital has unique challenges with handling stock and stock counting.

While Medical Information Systems often include some kind of materials management module, they are rarely complete or ready for automated stock taking.

There are off the shelf solutions, most don’t address all types of inventories, methods of ordering ( direct orders for example) or unique procedures that hospitals may have in place.

Our unique custom approach provides these features ( and many more)Unknown-1

  • All types of stock, direct/non-direct ┬ácan be handled
  • Works with CS or Magic
  • Any type of inventory name/sub name can be handled
  • Any type of data extraction can be used i.e Meditech report or iPeople/Blue Elm SQL extraction
  • Includes picking functionality or Meditech picks sheets can be used
  • Data upload can be performed with HHT interface OR directly into issue/transfer/return screens
  • Automated returns can be handled (i.e. more product in SUB then their should be)
  • Wireless or docking upload/download
  • Flexible to meet unique needs of each situation
  • FULLY SUPPORTED by O’Dell Engineering Ltd.



Our data collection solution goes beyond merely setting Quantity On Hand. The software will also track items that need cycle counting and warn the operator if this is the case.

We all know that wireless networks provide functionality that is invaluable. However, they are also notoriously unreliable. Every ODell solution includes a system that accounts for the sometimes fickle nature of wireless connectivity.

This means you can use the system without having to dock, but still be assured that your data will survive any outage and remain intact.

If you are looking for a stock Taking solution that is flexible and can be adapted to your individual requirements, then contact us.


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